Sigi Müller

"Brian Adams is on his left rear tire!"

But how did the rock musician get there? Sigi Müller, Munich's best-known photographer, is the solution to the riddle. He once deposited his photographs of music bands and international stars, burned permanently on CD, on the rear tire of Michael Heeg's BMW late after concerts. Heeg, himself a photography legend, passed on the best shots from it to the press. Today, the active professional photographer with vision, as Sigi Müller calls himself, tells how he was able to follow in Heeg's footsteps after his death. 

Celebrities such as Madonna, John Miles, Bon Jovi, Rainer Langhans, Johannes Heesters, Boris Becker... he skillfully put in the right light. Sigi Müller became known under the name AUGENBLICK FOTOGRAFIE not only through his photos, e.g. Munich during the Blue Hour. Also his Monday column at the Munich AZ (Abendzeitung), appreciated by the readers, became a weekly institution. TCP is proud to present a first selection of Munich images (Oktoberfest, world-famous architecture... ) from Müller's rich photo stock.

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