THE CONTENT PEOPLE provides footage and photos!
We also unite media, film, technical people, researchers, legal advisors, etc.
Benefit from a huge network of experts that has grown over decades.

Content Agency

Film & Foto directly from the Source

Contemporary and historical media from international sources
Daily growing offer
Thousands of images in process


THE CONTENT PEOPLE are also professional researchers with years of project experience and in-depth national and international source knowledge. Let us know your desired motive(s), minimum quality, your time frame (Picture Lock….) for the delivery of preview material or for fine editing. 

You will receive an initial free assessment of how realistic the desired video/photo is to find and how much time the research will take (for a daily rate starting at 350,- Euro plus VAT).


Finder’s Reward
Bianca Döring

Bianca Döring

  • Photo & footage research for any kind of projects
  • Rights clearance & license negotiations
  • Archiving


Stephen Maier

Picture editorial for documentaries, exhibitions and other art, media and cultural projects.

  • Design of image worlds by means of selection & research of film materials, photos, documents & other archive materials
  • Image licensing
  • Clarification of image & usage rights
  • Consulting for the usage of archive materials in media projects


Michael Konstabel


Svetlana Leonova


er media
Elena Rodrigo

Rights Clearance

THE CONTENT PEOPLE provides initial answers to your questions about all types of rights (copyright, personal rights, event rights, other ancillary copyrights, music rights) depending on the motive and planned extent of use. For more complex issues and the need for absolute legal certainty, we will refer you to our media law and copyright attorneys.

Production & Postproduction Service

Under the term production services gather film production companies, experienced documentary filmmakers, cinematographers, writers, directors, specialists in music production, advertising or industrial films as well as post-production experts (editing, dubbing, graphics…). Describe your topic to us. We will suggest the production unit that suits your project stage.

INDOC Industrie- und Fernsehfilm GmbH

INDOC Industrie- und Fernsehfilm GmbH

  • Full service from the initial idea to the finished medium
  • 60 years of film experience
  • Headquarter Munich, in action worldwide
  • The more complex the task, the higher our commitment

TV im Web GmbH

TV im Web GmbH

Conceive – Produce – Publish

  • 40 years of production experience with Super8 film, 35mm, SD, HD, 4K, 12K
  • International industrial film production since 1986
  • International documentary film production since 2001

CMP Creative Media Production GmbH

Uwe Bendixen


CMP Creative Media Production GmbH


  • TV programs - whether entertainment, magazines or talk
  • Documentaries - from nature, technology, science or boulevard
  • Image films - We present your brand and products from the best side
  • Commercials - Whether on the web or TV, this is how you reach your target group!
  • Product videos - Show in a short film what you have to offer!
  • Trailers - As is well known, anticipation is the best joy.


  • TV Studio
  • Greenscreen Studio


  • Data backup
  • Raw file archiving

BMS BendixenMediaService

Uwe Bendixen


BMS BendixenMediaService

  • Editing (21 Avid suites in Munich Schwabing & Ismaning)
  • Color correction (DaVinci Resolve)
  • Sound (2 mixing studios)


Anyone can take pictures! With smartphone technology advancing rapidly, amateurs can undoubtedly also take good pictures. However, higher demands on perfect light, angle of view, focal length, exposure time, pixel count, etc. can only be met by professionals who have learned their trade and have the appropriate equipment. Describe us your motive wish and THE CONTENT PEOPLE will find you a specialized photographer in your area or will send you a selection of motives from thousands of first-hand photos.


Execution of individual commissioned work with vision - wide range of tens of thousands of photos

  • Architecture
  • Business
  • Lifestyle/People
  • Flora/Fauna
  • Events/Concerts
  • Munich/Blue Hour
  • VIP
  • Portraits


Main focus:

  • Landscapes/Nature
  • Houses/Architecture
  • Cars
  • Portraits
  • Cities/Empty Towns


Hans Peter Merten

Our services are defined by your wishes. We advise and support companies from all industries in all matters concerning photography, film and internet presence.

From the conception to the realization to the production you get everything from one source.



This discipline fuses stories with images. Almost like a comic, but only multimedia-based. Because people like to think in pictures and because an illustrated story is remembered more easily, storytellers use a variety of means (video, photo, graphics, animation...) in vorder to tell a story that is as emotional as possible. A good storyteller not only thinks in pictures, but also skilfully implements the pictures he has in his head using the appropriate visual methods.


Thorsten Rother

Thorsten Rother

  • Visual storytelling for all social media platforms
  • Specialist for Available Light
  • Rental studio for photo & video productions
  • Video, photo, sound + speed editing as a complete solution

Service Production

Shooting planned abroad? Do you need local support?
We know the right people with skills in the local language who can help you with the preparation of the shoot (permit procedures…), the search for suitable locations, the recruitment of actors, the organization of equipment… both across national borders and directly on location.


Werner Vitzum


MA-Films Morocco
Munir Abbar


Svetlana Leonova



Svetlana Leonova

Asia (China), USA

INDOC Industrie- und Fernsehfilm GmbH
Christina Kahlert

INDOC Industrie- und Fernsehfilm GmbH

  • 50 years of regular production in USA and Canada
  • 20 years production experience in Asia
  • 10 years own production company in China
  • Best connections to teams in all regions

Canada (Quebec)

Franck Pierron

Passion is my main engine when I dive myself onto new projects.

With a background in skateboarding videoproduction, I quickly learnt the importance of pace in editing and also the influence the framing can have for any video project.

No matter what I am filming, whether it will be a model, a car, a product, you'll always have my full enthusiasm.

Further countries


Because even THE CONTENT PEOPLE cannot do without accompanying music, we recommend the following composers, recording studios:


Marcus Loeber

Marcus Loeber

  • Fancy commissioned composition internationally with exclusive rights
  • Own catalog with over 4000 titles for non-exclusive use
  • Sound design and music for brands

Timelkam (Austria)

Christian Brandl


  • Exclusive commissioned compositions in all genres
  • Professional voice recordings & sound design
  • Procurement of non-exclusive AKM/GEMA/SUISA-free music

Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt



Giesing-Team Tonproduktionen GmbH
Alexandre Frank


Solid keywording is an indispensable prerequisite for quickly finding the content you are looking for, whether for your own needs or with regard to content marketing. But not everyone always has the time to keyword his extensive content as deeply and broadly as necessary. After all, time-consuming creative achievements such as associative terms (keyword “luxury” in connection with a Ferrari), synonyms (Muhamad Ali = Cassius Clay), correct spelling (Gorbatschev, Gorbatschow or Gorbachev?) etc. are also demanded of the keyword operator.

Keywording experts are part of THE CONTENT PEOPLE. Send us up to 5 examples that you want to have keyworded. Based on the results, you decide how intensively you want your content keyworded. But you also have the choice to keyword your content yourself with the help of an independent AI-supported keywording software. We show you how it works! 

Just ask for a non-binding offer for our keywording service here.

Digitalization & Restauration

Many analog film pearls lie dormant. If they are rediscovered, you may want to bring them to life with today’s technical means. How to digitize and restore analog 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, and 35mm films shot by amateurs or professionals is something experts know all about glue joints, image stability errors, film grain, stabilization, different frame rates, etc. know very well.

Rainer Hunger & Harald Hofstetter

Production Insurance

If, like it happend to Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote, your equipment goes down the drain or you sink your iPhone in the white water during an eskimo roll, don’t worry! At least not as far as your precious technology is concerned. With THE CONTENT PEOPLE you take precautions.

Foto FAIR sicherung

IT Service

IT experts with more than 20 years of experience in the development, programming and operation of media asset management solutions are also available to provide advice and support for your own digitization and archiving projects. UG

Tutor & Training

Lecturers and dedicated people from the media industry are available as tutors (companions for film projects, keywording, for editing/color correction, encoding, camera technology) with quick tips or for detailed consultations. Trainers with decades of experience and at the same time technically up to date will make you fit when dealing with e.g. complex editing programs.

Werner Vitztum

Werner Vitztum

  • DaVinci Resolve: Editing – Color – Delivery
  • DaVinci Resolve: Keywording & Metadata
  • Video Encoding for Professionals: Higher quality at low data rate!

Britta Becker

(Cinematographer BVK, Lecturer Bavarian Academy for Television)

Britta Becker

Camera & Lighting Seminars:

  • Digital cinematography (seminar topics as required)
  • Image design
  • Visual planning and look development of film projects
  • Lighting design, use of illuminants

Christina Kahlert

(Journalist, PR consultant, film producer)

Christina Kahlert

  • Consulting in script writing, film production, content distribution for industry and organizations
  • Consulting international productions
  • Access to professional networks
  • Media training

360° Panoramas

In addition to videos, companies from the hotel industry, tourism, etc. have long relied on the effect of 360° views. Visitors to the websites of such providers are thus invited to take virtual strolls indoors and outdoors or from the air. How this can look in practice, from the initial recording to the finished tour, is shown by experts such as…

mp moving-pictures gmbh

  • 360° High-End Panoramas
  • Leading povider of virtual tours
  • Experts for custom-fit solutions

Film Storage

THE CONTENT PEOPLE already stores a large part of 35mm and 16mm film canisters in a climatically optimized storage facility in the center of Germany. Your film rolls would also be optimally protected there for a longer period of time. We would be happy to take a look at your film rolls and evaluate them according to their storability.