Kurt W. Oehlschläger

Triple-A at AAA Film does not only stand for excellent cinematic craftsmanship. Rather, behind it is an equally ambitious director and active producer with decades of filming experience. In almost all continents (28 episodes about Mongolia, Greek Islands, India, Abu Dhabi...) on almost all formats he has shot commercials (Coca Cola, Lufthansa, Siemens...), crime classics "Peter Strohm" (Klaus Löwitsch) and with the legendary Gerhard Polt ("Fast wie im richtigen Leben"). 

Portraits of Pope Benedict XVI, Wolfgang Borchert, Carl Zuckmayr as well as an Olympic series "Sports, People, Emotions" come from his film workshop. Social themes for German Agro Action and UNESCO were particularly close to his heart. Furthermore, several national (ARD, BR, ZDF) and international (BBC, NHK, RAI...) broadcast stations commissioned him to realize topics from art & culture. Here is a sample from the Kurt W. Oehlschläger spectrum Advertising Art Adventure

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