Freddy Reck

"Once around the world!"

Who wouldn't want to do that? Ludwigsburg filmmaker Freddy Reck and his wife Rita have fulfilled this lifelong dream. Accompanied and protected by their faithful Rhodesian Ridgeback Simba, they toured the world for eight years in their off-road MAN. 

Their world trip led them via Morocco to the Cape of Good Hope, from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, India... With their cameras always ready to shoot, they created impressive photo and exciting film documentaries through 56 countries. Southern Africa, especially Namibia became their second home. Freddy's motto: "If you don't know the destination, you can't find the way." Follow the further way of the Recks under or here at TCP. Recks' next target has already been set. You can stay excited!

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